Wonderful Wall shelves decorating ideas

Floating Shelves

Shelf liners have been around for a long time. They have gained a reputation as one of the “must haves” in the kitchen, along with the egg timer, the can opener and the metal basket steamer. But in recent years other more creative uses have been found for shelf liners. These uses include as liners for refrigerator shelves, as temporary protective, slip free covers for counter tops and even as decorative accents for those times when you’re entertaining guests and want everything to be just right.

The Refrigerator

If you enjoy leaning into your fridge and scrubbing unidentified gunk left on the shelf for months, stop reading now. If you prefer spending your time doing other things, here’s a tip for you: Install shelf liners on the flat surfaces of your refrigerator.

By covering the flat surfaces with shelf liner, your refrigerator becomes protected against all those unseen leaks, spills drops and drips that contaminate, coagulate and congeal for months at a time. When the time comes to clean next time, all you will have to do is remove the shelf liner and replace it with a new batch.

Temporary Table Top

This method is handy for when you need your table top to be something more. For example, if you are eating outside at the picnic table in the summertime, lay down a sheet or two of shelf liner and the lemons and limes will stop rolling off the uneven surface. Or if the table has been peeling paint and being a target for bird droppings, you may want a fresh slate to serve on. A Shelf liner fits the bill.


This is a growing trend with these items as well as with adhesive contact papers. Because they are available in such a wide variety of colors, patterns and styles, they are frequently used to decorate. For example, if you are having the family over for dinner you can top your dining room table with a style that matches the decor of the room. Or you can use it on top of the linen table cloth as an extra protection against spills, stains and slips.

These are three shelf liner uses that are increasing in popularity. There are hundreds of others. In fact, with the growing variety available today, this product is rapidly becoming a must have throughout the home. Soon it may rival duct tape for its versatility and effectiveness. Look around your home – where could it be useful for you?

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