How to Select the Best Shelves?

Floating Shelves

Every house could use more shelves. They will extend your storage space by taking advantage of unused room in your closets or on your walls, reducing clutter and making your home neater. Here are a few things you should keep in mind before buying your new shelves.

First, where you are going to put those shelves is very important. If you need closet shelves they will be selected for their strength, while wall-mounted shelves need to be pretty and fit with your decor. In both cases, you have to make sure that the shelves are the right size for where you want to put them so you can avoid unnecessary adjustment.

Shelves comes in all kinds of materials like wood, metal wire, tempered glass and plastic. All of them can be strong enough for your needs if the quality of the material and of the mounting bracket is good so you should examine it closely. Avoid cheap plastics, thin metals and pressed wood shelves that will wrap and bend with time: you do not want your shelves to fall in pieces to the ground after a few years.

Also, if you need more storage that you can get with a few extra shelves, you can buy a big shelving unit or book case. Those will not take a lot of room in your home and will give you a lot of rooms to store small things like books, CDs and DVDs. They are a great idea for students with small apartments or in door rooms since this kind of shelving is usually pretty cheap.

Finally, if you are looking for something that will add to your decor, you can buy floating shelves or hanging shelves. Floating shelves are supported by a mounting bracket between the shelf and the wall, giving the impression that the shelf is floating in the air, and hanging shelves are secured to the ceiling by ropes or chains.

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